Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stained from years of stout abuse...

…my once long gray beard is now sort of a moose hue, ochre maybe or burnt umber, anyway one of those Rembrandtian colors…is that who I mean? Rembrandt van Rijn the Dutchman? All that I know (and in the realm of the pure idea it is precious little) is so randomly come by it is hard to recall who’s who in the archives.

And while we’re on the subject of Renaissance art – is it the Renaissance I mean? – many of those painters from that period were thought to have used less-than bright colors for their works and only in recent times was it discovered that beneath the layers of accumulated dust and crud lay some very bright colors indeed, whose brilliance had been concealed by the dirt!

In some cases centuries had passed and prevailing wisdom preached that So & So used such morose colors because he - l’artiste – was morose, and now they are having to change their tune because of the sudden appearance of primary colors.

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