Friday, August 24, 2007

Random NOTES From Wrinkled Scraps...

…once inside the borders of America everyone – citizen, alien, illegal alien, visitor, what have you – everyone, even a terrorist of any persuasion – is subject to and protected by American laws.

Even I know that so I was stunned when this clueless judge’s ruling was overturned…I can’t remember the particulars nor where I read it on the web but it was a case where a judge ruled that an alien was not protected by American laws because the alleged perp was an illegal alien but the hard, inalienable fact is that if you are in America, no matter who you are or how you got here, you are subject to and protected by all of American laws.

It is exactly that cut and dry and I am amazed a judge wouldn’t know that – what sort of trail has he left behind him…

…I’ve never heard of the band Coldplay until now and have yet to hear what they do but I can barely restrain myself from running over to Turn It Up CDs and grab a copy after reading this comment from a New York Times appraisal of the band by Jon Pareles, ‘…the most insufferable band of the decade…the lyrics can make me wish I didn’t understand English…’ Too funny…cracks me up.

Sell that (which) thou hast and give it to the poor, is, I think, a Biblical admonition and in fact may be a tenet of other beliefs – Christian, Moslem, Jew and Pagans alike may feel that way, so why then are the patriarchs of all the aforementioned beliefs running around in high-end vehicles, wearing threads of the finest cloths, bling that would shame any self-respecting Gangsta, jewelry, man, gold and silver and rubies and emeralds and, well…don’t get me going there, I mean bling Dude real bling the real thing - gold and silver and diamond and pearls, nothing Wal-Mart about it…what happened to sackcloth and sandals?

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