Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More Random NOTES from wrinkled scraps...


…to appreciate and enjoy me as much as I do.

When I’m on, man, I mean I am on, Jack - and I ain’t lyin’, Jim…I’ll take a back seat to no one; a sense of humor without equal, a Croesus-rich vein of apocryphal tales and whimsical ephemera running through me to the Mother Lode, waiting for your eyes and ears only to hear and see them, as I wittily spin delightful scenario after delightful scenario…huh…say what?…interspersed with Chopin, Guinness & some righteous weed.

And add my incomparable cooking – Julia Child move over, Spenser take a hike - to the bevy of culinary (and other) delights awaiting one who might discourse with me at my peak over four courses, and what a time we would have! But invariably I’m alone.


‘Woman Wills 21M To Three’

After all this time, at last, I heave a sigh of relief, finally I’m being hugely endowed, and as I dig into the story transfixed with this simple twist of fate and sure of my good fortune (all that silver and gold that won’t buy back the love of a heart grown cold) I read & read on only to find out – rats! - it ain’t me babe, it ain’t me yer lookin’ for. Nope, this ole Doyenne of Philly she left some to a zoo (leaving it with me she still coulda said that), some to the Academy of Natural Science – ain’t nothin’ nor no one more natural than me, Sister - also in Philadelphia – I went to Philadelphia once, it was closed, and to Gallaudet University, so okay some good comes of the old Dame’s loot.

I’da been happy with a 100 thou, for I’m your basic cheap date.

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