Monday, August 20, 2007

It's a bitter vetch I'm loathe to swallow...

…to think that day after day you could sit across from me looking, I first thought, at me with fondness in your beautiful lying eyes but I soon realized that I was merely a foil in your game – a ruse to throw off suspicion from your real assignation, Capital D Devious!

You are very good at devious; practice makes (almost) perfect, but I quickly caught on and remained silent as is my usual wont - I stayed around to see how it played out. To be honest, I wished I hadn’t, you hurt me no denyin’ it and I rue with a passion heretofore unknown in me, the day I met you.

Of all my regrets over the last six decades you are the second biggest I have – if only I had skipped breakfast that day!

Listen to me Wisdom: I’m not here any more, I’ve gone, disappeared. This time will be the last time. I’m burying myself in writing and painting like I should have been doing when I was wasting my time with you. I’d be much obliged if you stayed away from me, maybe keep a couple continents and an ocean between us as a buffer zone.

(…is what I would write and say if I had the balls but no, meekly I fall in line and sheepishly toe the mark, hi, welcome, I’m so glad to see you, I’ve missed your quick wit, your infectious laugh, your inquisitive nature and yes your pretty face too My Dear, life has been Capital M Miserable while you’ve been away, I’ve been beside myself with frustration, worry and grief and my few remaining friends have had it with me and my snotty attitude…and even though I would really like to verbally tear into you I just can’t, the fight is gone from me, I hope you are better and your Life is full, rich and rewarding…you know what to do if you want to see me…)

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