Thursday, August 23, 2007

…and soon will be forgotten by all but his family and few friends, forgotten in the warrens of the dungeon known as Leavenworth, but Sergeant Lawrence G. Hutchins III (the Marine who killed an innocent Iraqi man and then tried to make it seem the dead man was an insurgent when he wasn’t) should have as his cellmates, George W. Bush and Richard Cheney - because if Lawrence Hutchins is guilty of murder, which he is, then so too are George Bush and Richard Cheney because had they not sent Sgt. Hutchins there on a false premise he would have stayed home and shot pool with the boys in the NCO club…

…instead, the charge is murder, the sentence, 15 years! What a bleak world lies ahead for him, he’s like only about 23 years old and he’ll do most of that time before he’ll get over those steel bars and stone walls…he shouldn’t have done what he did but he wouldn’t have if his Commander-In-Chief and his pit bull, Majordomo and General Factotum, the abrasive Dick Cheney, thugs in suits, hadn’t started World War III.

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