Monday, February 15, 2010


...deeper into the big easy chair on which I'm sitting, I close my eyes and disappear from here in a blue-smoke cloud of ethereal warmness and comforting unconsciousness, about as close to an out-of-body experience as you'll get smoking dope, but as pleasant as the sensation is you wouldn't want to have it when driving because if you do you're going to hit a tree and not only will you be having an ‘out-of-body’ experience you'll also be having an out-of-car experience as your formerly somnambulant self hurtles out the windshield, wide-eyed and mouth agape through space; so do your tokin' at the kitchen table in your shebang, where the most you'll hurt as you drop to the dirty floor (clean your house too!) is maybe get a knot on the head or bust a few dishes up on the way down.

Save yourself a lot of grief; moderation in all things, including moderation (which will thereby allow you an occasional fling), but maintain yourself, don't get drunk and out of control, or all messed up on heavy-duty drugs & show off how berserk you can get, bad form, plus: you'll live longer. (Hold on a minute here son...up above you're telling me you just passed out from a huge toke and now a couple sentences later you're going on about moderation? Did I miss something?) Actually, I've been getting (limited) flack from the USPS regarding the fact NFTD is what is termed a ‘bi-fold’ and as such must be handed across at a window for canceling, or rubber-banded and dropped in a box, all in all more inconvenience for me. I've been curious if the reason is that I'm being singled-out for my pro-reefer stance...or is my addled thinking merely idle twaddle - pot-induced paranoia striking deep?


…you’re going to have trouble because everybody’s got their own version of God. Moslems have a certain God, the Jews have a certain God, so too the Christians and each individual in those three beliefs has his/her personal concept of God and so we are left with a different God for each believer - six billion or so different concepts of what/who God is and what he/she/it does, or, factoring in the non-believers, who he/she/it isn’t and what he/she/it doesn’t do. As a survived Catholic my picture of God was sort of an old Christ, very old…now 59 years into this life I’m not sure what if anything is out there; nothingness is my aging existentialist guess, nothing & no purpose, but I’m open to suggestions although I don’t want anybody jamming their ideas down (or slitting) my throat. My favor needs be curried. The secular humanist in me cries out for reason midst chaos, or is it the other way around?

A careful reading of current events hints broadly of further carnage by all of the above in the name of God. Juxtapose the order as you will, Jews are killing Moslems are killing Christians are killing Jews are killing Christians are killing Moslems ad nauseum and, I’m afraid, ad infinitum, as there is no end of the circuitous, ubiquitous slaughter in sight.

Armed forces are fighting hammer and tong around the globe, the battle in the streets has not come full-circle to America yet but soon a cabbie in Manhattan will blow himself up in front of Sardi’s, the war comes home, the WTC, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania prelude to the catastrophes sure to follow.