Monday, February 15, 2010


...deeper into the big easy chair on which I'm sitting, I close my eyes and disappear from here in a blue-smoke cloud of ethereal warmness and comforting unconsciousness, about as close to an out-of-body experience as you'll get smoking dope, but as pleasant as the sensation is you wouldn't want to have it when driving because if you do you're going to hit a tree and not only will you be having an ‘out-of-body’ experience you'll also be having an out-of-car experience as your formerly somnambulant self hurtles out the windshield, wide-eyed and mouth agape through space; so do your tokin' at the kitchen table in your shebang, where the most you'll hurt as you drop to the dirty floor (clean your house too!) is maybe get a knot on the head or bust a few dishes up on the way down.

Save yourself a lot of grief; moderation in all things, including moderation (which will thereby allow you an occasional fling), but maintain yourself, don't get drunk and out of control, or all messed up on heavy-duty drugs & show off how berserk you can get, bad form, plus: you'll live longer. (Hold on a minute here son...up above you're telling me you just passed out from a huge toke and now a couple sentences later you're going on about moderation? Did I miss something?) Actually, I've been getting (limited) flack from the USPS regarding the fact NFTD is what is termed a ‘bi-fold’ and as such must be handed across at a window for canceling, or rubber-banded and dropped in a box, all in all more inconvenience for me. I've been curious if the reason is that I'm being singled-out for my pro-reefer stance...or is my addled thinking merely idle twaddle - pot-induced paranoia striking deep?

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