Thursday, August 2, 2007

I was going to be a star...

…of something, only I wasn’t sure what because I had no talent, but lots of stars don’t, they got a good pr man that’s all, anyway, in my case I didn’t feel I had any overpowering talents the madding crowd would shell out good money for…so the dilemma of What To Be was confounded and compounded…aHA!

...I’ll be an artist, as though calling oneself an artist made one an artist, so okay I’m a painter not a snooty artist, I’m a journeyman apprentice painter never to be a master, nor the inspiration for the T. Ward School of Art like the Hudson River boys, no, I’m a 1st class undiscovered, second tier painter and I still exult when I occasionally pull one off.

Of the 1,000 or so paintings I’ve done in the last 45 years I would say maybe 200 of them were very good, 75 or so of them were exceptional, maybe 25 of the 75 were absolutely beautiful and a handful of the 25 - brilliantly executed & dazzling to behold, and one timeless painting I call (see below) ‘Detail From Genesis’
...even though a picture is worth a 1,000 words (& in this case $3000 bucks but really it's not for sale...) might I explain this stroke of luck (as opposed to planned)?
...picture this: to the right - swooping in red-eyed and angry from being up all night, The Creator is spewing lightning, light and life, water, earth, sky and creatures – the gryphon to the left & behind it the long-neck of a dinosaur towering above…’Let There Be Light!’
...then later we came along is the NFTD synopsized version of the Old Testament...

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