Monday, August 20, 2007

Am I missing mine eyes deceive me...

…could I have misunderstood what I read? No, it’s very clear, ‘…the White House will project a $427 billion deficit…’ and ask Congress for an extra $80 billion to fight 2 wars, one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan, plus in its wisdom (a very poor choice of a word for of wisdom in the White House there is none) but anyway the Bush administration, a miserable crew of loose cannons, misanthropic throwbacks, misogynists & war criminals, has seen fit to propose offering military reservists a $15,000 bonus to re-up.

Big deal, putting your life on the line for a top of the line KIA.

Republicans put a cheap price on the lives of your Sons & Daughters. In a couple years the draft will start again too, count on it, then about every third kid you see now after school will be coming home in a flag-draped coffin.

What’s going on here? These are our leaders? Congress and presidents and all politicians, masters of flim-flam, sleight-of-hand and smoke & mirrors, have always bamboozled the public but this is overkill to the max.

More than 3700 of our brave Brothers and Sisters have been gunned down in this Republican war for oil and 20,000 have been maimed; who knows how many innocent Iraqis have died.

Look, we know it’s true but are impotent & can do nothing about it; the fools in office are taking you – all of us - to the cleaners, emptying your pocket books, endangering your lives here at home and taking your children from you to fight and die in a war that we started and can’t be won.

A $427 billion deficit!? 80 more billion dollars to throw into the abattoir that is Baghdad…and a lousy $15K for a soldier re-enlisting to fight this madness!? With a mere $12,000 life insurance policy! What’s wrong with this picture?

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