Friday, August 3, 2007


…but the 60 mile per hour rush of air ripping through my helmet is like living in a hurricane and whereas I personally wear a helmet everywhere I go despite the discomfort, I wish I could find one that cut out that infernal storm drowning out the straight pipes on my 1966 Triumph Tiger or the balanced pipes on my throaty-baritoned 1978 Triumph Bonneville 750. I shouldn’t go on I suppose – motorcycles may bore you to tears. Worse, I may!

…well, I’m outta practice you know, haven’t written a word for many months, not a syllable; since April something or other I’ve been staring into the ozone oblivious to all and everything, my response to every inquiry has been more or less, “Huh…what’s that? You talkin’ to me? I ain’t here, no one’s home, gone, maybe I’ll be back maybe not…”

So this is the attempted return of “…NOTES FROM THE DUMP…”, my raison d’etre et moi bete noir all in one, everything and nothing all at once, my magnum opus & my biggest disappointment…hmmm…I don’t know about that – my magnum opus yes, my biggest disappointment, certainly not! I forgot about…well, no need to go into it; you got your troubles I got mine.

Anyhoo…in the 21-year-old tradition that is NFTD I slip in an enigmatic explanation of my whereabouts since Spring: I have been around the world and far into space and deep into Nothingness without ever leaving this chair…with no success I have tried to raise up and return; quill to hand, fingers to keyboard, mind in gear (ahem), ready to pen timeless prose into unforgettable and riveting literature…all for nought. Brain-dead, flatlined.

We’ll see how it goes; certainly this is a most un-ostentatious start and I’m not nearly as think as you stoned I am. (Nor have I lost my sense of humor).

So I beg your indulgence and am much obliged for your patience, plus (cut to the chase) – no subscription money is necessary until tomorrow...

Wouldn’t hear of it and you know if you’re familiar with NFTD that THAT coming from me is rare, I’m always stumping about for a buck and this in fact may be a back door to your purse/wallet…it’s not unlike me and NFTD to feign some ill-defined angst to auger a few bucks out of you; sometimes it works, sometimes not…anyway, I’m back, I’m nationwide, I’m TNT, I’m dynamite!

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