Friday, August 17, 2007

All about me lies in ruins...

…the sad strains of a Bach cello suite drive me around the bend, I race to the fridge and a Bud is opened and drained before the door shuts. Me and my tatterdemalion ragamuffin rags collapse in a heap, eyes unseeing, mind disbelieving, dead in all but fact…

…all things must pass and so to this moment; I haul my big ass up and out of this abyss of despair and head on out into the so-called real world to see how others fare…remove myself from the spotlight, go and mingle with all the other tortured souls, roam around the cerebellum, meander through the labyrinth of my troubled mind some other time, my troubles not being easily – if at all - definable to you and vice versa, no?

Much more on this subject and I’ll win the award for Most Whiney, get an A in Carping & an F for thinking about my own plight at the exclusion of others…I am a selfish dude, Dude, but by a number of people I am thought to be altruistic in all I do; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. With me it’s always me, me, me, then you, you, you…welcome to NFTD.

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