Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's a little distressing... read articles by writers claiming that writing is hard, demanding, tough work. It is? I hadn't noticed, but then (I immodestly add) I'm a natural with ink in my blood and I've been doing it all my life, so look, if you want hard, demanding & tough work go on up to the saw mill and work the green chain for a few years tossing ten-foot long boards all day, five and a half days a week, minimum wage, outdoors in rain, cold, snow & heat; near-zero benefits, and the overseer of this satrapy is a boss with the surly temper of a martinet who, when he gets pissed off at you, will hurl one of those 20-pound boards at your head!

...or sit home in your warm cabin in front of your typewriter, hot coffee in the mug, doobie at the ready, the only thing standing between you and a Nobel prize for literature, is you. Go to it. If you're a writer, writing is easy if you've got anything to say (easy that is as long as you can get the right words in their proper order so the reader will be astonished at your guile and expertise with the lexicon), by which I mean if you're sitting there all day wondering just what in hell it is you've got to say, why, I'd take my inability to write anything as an indication that I should not give up my day job...

People who can write don't get writers' block, fact is you can't shut us up because we're posturing, pontificating and pompous practically non-stop...NFTD a good example of all of the above, including background on the green chain.

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