Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Like a denizen from some Baghdadi suq...

…I slither out the back door dressed in a tent worthy of a fat pasha, thinking as I hit the pavement and went into my sidewalk act, that those sign carrying nut cases from the LA ‘50s who carried those placards that the world was/is going to end tomorrow were only off by a few years, as opposed to off their rockers, why, just look around and you can tell - the world and all on it – is crumbling to pieces at a pace so rapidly you can see it happening.

Our poor little orb is alone and palely loitering in The Firmament, our home which we have so indiscriminately and inexplicably destroyed/are destroying, and all on it, are about to disappear in a blinding flash of light. Bummer. I had other plans.

On the other hand I could be wrong, I often am you know, but as an uncommon observer of the scene I feel compelled to alert you to the imminent dangers awaiting us so you can…so you can? Well, what’s to do?

Like Dude I was hoping this blinding flash of light was enlightenment itself or a revelation even, maybe The Rapture - but it looks more like it’s going to be raining nuclear bombs pretty soon so don’t make any long-range plans, in my considered opinion, but if - once anon – I am proven wrong, fine, and you will please to remember Mensch that your subscription is overdue…

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Anonymous said...

The Rapture won't be nuclear!

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