Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What a fool I've been/was/am...

…it was a slap in the face and a kick in the teeth all at once but not really a surprise. I’m a smart guy and I early on and easily did see the writing on the wall; it was as clear as the mark of Zorro. Plus, the unspoken often speaks volumes but I hung on anyway because I don’t have a life and have nothing to do but gawk at the goddamned landscape all day like a zombie on Quaaludes so these melodramatics (it’s like I’m in a friggin’ Zap comic soap opera fer cris’sakes…) put a little zest into my twilight (zone) years…beneath the bluster and bravado I’m Walter Mitty so while this sidewalk act of mine presents one persona the real me, as in most of us I think, is home alone behind closed doors. Be yourself by yourself.

As I wax sad at home alone, snivel, snivel, overcome with bleak sadness and hopeless despair, sniffle, sniffle, my lamentations are suddenly interrupted by a real-time actual chest pain, OUCH! and o, ooo, it’s on the left, hot damn!, so not only do I have an aching broken romantic heart I also have the real ticker skipping a few beats and about to slam me to the floor. I’ve had a heart attack, they’re not that much fun, but I ain’t dead yet, almost 63 and holding…

I paint a pretty picture don’t I? Actually I do, have you ever seen them before? Some are quite nice, many are better than some & good as most & a few of the 1000, 25 or so, were/are works of a great painter for whom I was the short-lived vehicle.

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Terry, You are just amazing!! I love you!