Thursday, July 26, 2007


…I called her Wisdom because she was wise beyond her years in a number of ways but she is gone now and I am so lonely without her in my life that I’ve become a caricature of the sad old man sick & alone at the end…(he wrote whiningly, snout running and hot tears blurring his eyes & rolling down his blubbering, blubbery cheeks…I haffta laff…)

…I have for comfort, snivel, snivel, whine, whine, an Omaha steak for which I have no appetite and a six pack of Irish stout for which I do; I yearn and thirst for these six Guinness as palpably as I do for my unrequited love…ah yes…so Dude, like you’ll forgive me for a bit while I decap a stout, get right, and ruminate my fate…and in truth I only have to wait because she will call, but when she wants to not when I want her to…

…one time after she had returned from another of a number of lengthy hiatuses free of my difficult companionship I said to her, “You know my Dear, when you don’t call or come over for soooo long I get terribly worried that you’re never going to call again and it drives me to fucking DISTRACTION!” She laid that to-die-for smile on me, and with Emerald Isles emerald eyes twinkling said, “I know…”

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