Monday, July 23, 2007


…I lurch from bed and stagger to my feet, aging, barely-used legs wobbly to the max, heart pounding, ruined lungs flat like those latex birthday balloons the day after the party, and on fire, mind racing out of control, fear and dread consuming the essence of me, and this Dvorak cello and violin concerto is tearing me up…tearing me up and tearing me up, ahhhh, what might have been! As fast as these pins can get me to the fridge I am on a Bud pounder and it is half gone before I realize I have opened it…you’ve been there if you drink.

…so ok, I settle down a little, glug, glug - the troubles ease a bit, you’ve been there too whether you drink or not, some days things are alright and some days they are not alright.

…like yesterday was a beautiful day for me, shelter from the storm, things were wonderful; I had the great privilege and good fortune of going to dinner with my Darling Daughter & her Darling Daughter last night for the former’s birthday in The Riverview Restaurant down in Brattleboro overlooking the Queen of Rivers, The Connecticut. The setting, the ambiance, the food, all was tasty, and in the company of my two all-time favorite females I was in fine fettle and in heaven-on-earth…all too soon the night passed, we parted, and in solitary melancholy did I make the long ride home.

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