Thursday, July 26, 2007

Have to pry every word out of me...

…been unable to write about anything for most two weeks, other than to send news of the Flag Memorial to newspapers in every state and on every continent…I’m practically obsessed with Lauri Richardson’s Flag Memorial, (“I know what you mean by obsession…” Lauri wrote me) – a memorial which is gone now from Newfane and presently is strung out along a stretch of road known as Timson Hill in Williamsville VT, “…but I’ll go anywhere with it…”, she said.

…it’s become a new dynamic in my life, too, to see each one of those flags and know each is a person not a symbol; you can put a name on every one of these hand-painted flags, flag replicas painted by people from the age of 6 to 80 (…at least).

…if you look at the Department of Defense list of the dead it’s all very mathematical, exact figures, killed in action, wounded in action – in Iraq there have been 14,838 wounded and returned to action while 12,115 have been wounded so severely they cannot be returned to soldier on - not a name in sight but there are several venues online on which you can see all of the dead and the wounded, at least all of the American dead and wounded, and they come with photos and videos and the most heart-rending biographies and eulogies you will ever see – I guarantee you you won’t make it through the first two and you’ll be crying like a baby.

…and you won’t ever make it through all 3,636 of them, it’s just too’ll be looking for someone to hug, someone to hold, to share their grief, for their sorrow is our sorrow.

…the Flag Memorial is non-judgmental, in my opinion, is neither pro-war nor anti-war but seems to me rather is a silent, undulating, non-judgmental, constant reminder of the end result of war.

…that is my opinion of it, I don’t know if it squares with Lauri Richardson’s view and I don’t want to put words in her mouth. The Flag Memorial as I see it is not pointing a finger at anyone in particular but at all of us in general.

I, on the other hand - and here is where I depart from the memorial - I do point fingers at specifics - right at George W. Bush and his partner-in-crime Dick Cheney, the scourge of The West, the bane of our existence, the architects of an unjust, uncalled for war which is blowing up the whole goddamned world…

Impeach the Monsters, these are crimes against humanity, we are not dealing here with Abe Lincoln or Franklin Delano Roosevelt, this is not just a Clinton blowjob in the Oval office! Two faux, gunslinging cowboys have run amok!

This is Murder One in the 1st Degree. And it was nauseating to say the least to listen to the carping and puling of Senators who stayed awake all night – big deal - to try to do in one day what they should have done years ago, stop this evil war, bring our brethren home and do it now.

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