Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Once I was Nijinski, Nureyev & Alvin Ailey...

…all at once.
You couldn’t touch me on the dance floor – light and agile, the apotheosis of dance, I left ‘em breathless and was still whirling dervishly when the lights came up; now I find I have a more Calvinist approach to dancing. Like Cotton Mather I find it annoying, show-offy, tribal, affected - although unlike Cotton I don’t want dancers dunked in a pond in the dunking chair, and do I mean Cotton Mather? I get my bigots mixed up…anyway, to me nowadays dancing is out.

All it is, it seems (and was in my day too I know, I know…) is this: ‘Look what I can do everybody! Am I cool or what?’ - it’s such a sham, and I don’t mean just out on the dance floor. When you realize in the middle of the lurching gyrations you are trying to fob off as a pas de deux, that in fact you are all alone in this entire universe and here you are shaking your big fat ass at midnight, why, I’ve felt so foolish I once simply turned in bewilderment and left the floor and my partner was none the wiser because I don’t think she knew I was there anyway – so involved were we in our selves - although she probably wondered later how she was going to get home because I exited the dance floor and the egress & kept going…I went home half-stewed and in solitude did brood.

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