Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Great Spirit Helps Us In Our Weaknesses...

...if we let It, I think, but this Great Spirit, in my mind anyway (what’s left of it after 6 decades of projectile drinking, and having been on the receiving end of a veritable pharmacopoeia of illicit and licit indiscretions) has no connection to any religion nor gender and probably is not even tangible Dude, but something’s going on…this earth and all on it, in it and over it - is not an accident; it is no mere will o’the wisp that I have happened here...neither you…Somethin’s out there watchin’ over us…

…any wetlands are proof if you ask me. Why then all these diurnal, nocturnal and crepuscular creatures? Why a butterfly or a bird or you and me? Or ‘even’ a fucking mosquito?! What gives? ‘What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a happening…’

…with laughing amazement we watch baby geese trying to get airborne & a bird we can’t identify is hanging, hovering 30 feet up in the cerulean sky & suddenly pivots on its axis and then power dives to get something only it can see from above…the food chain hard at work. Later I see it’s an Eastern Kingbird, ace flycatcher.

…the wetlands are a microcosm of the earth and a barometer of our well-being – they are not only beautiful to behold these lush jungles which often are nestled midst concrete jungles, but intrinsic to life. The Great Spirit’s got a handle on things. Or is it all a great cosmic joke?

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