Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Random "...NOTES..."

Every time a Budweiser truck goes by…I’m like a friggin’ Pavlovian dog as my chemical alarm system is set a-jangle; robotically I reach across the seat and pop the top on a pounder. It’s like they’re emergency vehicles fer Cris’sakes racing in vain to sate an insatiable thirst. Beer trucks should have emergency lights, bells, whistles, sirens and a police escort…I joke about it but I suppose really it’s not funny. Humans consume an awful lot of alcohol…under its heady influence we become loose cannons, there are no exceptions.

…to my Friend Fred Bussino…I once said, ‘Fred, you know Freddie I was looking thru the Bellows Falls phone book the other day and I knew at least someone on every page…’ He looked at me kind of funny and said, ‘You spend all day looking at the phone book? We gotta find you a girl friend…’

A Bach Cello Suite...drives me around the bend with sadness, overwhelms me in its beauty and I collapse in abject sorrow; it is a sadness so overpowering, so intense I could leap for joy – hey I’m a Mick & a Sagittarian, melancholia comes with the territory – if I’m not sad I’m not happy. I swoon in sensual bittersweet bliss and…

Someone at the door…now where was I before I was so blissfully & beautifully interrupted…o yeah, going on about me as usual, me, me, me - with an occasional nod to you so it will seem I am interested in your doleful tale of woe but it’s not really so because I am the acme of selfishness. It looks like I’m listening to what you are saying but I’m not. I’m light years away into the ozone.


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