Monday, July 23, 2007

Notes From The Dump


…I lived for art, I lived for love…

Hmmm…I wonder…is it true and if it is, was it worth it? At certain times in my life I lived for a drink never mind Art, let him get his own and what did love have to do with it after all?

Ah me, maybe being a realist is not the way to approach this; I should have been/should become more cynical…and less circumspect too I suppose but I get off on these tangents (double entendre intended) and never quite seem to get back to the seminal/root causes and effects of ½ a century of dissolution, speaking of which…hold on Dude I gotta get an opener…

…ahhhh, that’s better, now where was I…

O yes, prattling on much in the fashion of NFTD and O I have to tell you about this Friend of mine who I told I had (have) a Jones for Johnny Depp which she immediately made clear she thought I wanted to jump his bones and I hastened to explain that this was not going to be the day I came out of the closet and that I had misspoke because I don’t really have a Jones for Johnny but rather for Jack Sparrow and I did not want to have sex with Captain Jack, I want to BE him that’s all…she snorted with derision. Look here I said, “I’ve given Dudes a peck on the cheek but never a cheek on the pecker and I’ve never puffed a pecker either which is more than you can say, “ and we laughed.

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