Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What next...?! (From NFTD Archives...)

...a recent issue of The New York Times, the mouthpiece and henchman/accomplice to the ruling aristocracy, has a quarter-page ad with a graphic black & white drawing of a postal package about the size of a boom box which is depicted blowing to smithereens, box all shredded,dust and cordite wafting into the room, an obvious explosion has taken place, your mail has just blown up in what were your hands and at the top of the ad it reads: "This was addressed to you." Below the drawing of the exploded bomb it goes on to say, "Your security system should have included EGIS, the latest in bomb detection."

What a world we live in huh? A company which scans your mail to make sure George Metesky, Pablo Escobar, or the blind sheik from Brooklyn hasn't dropped you a line, not to mention maybe one of your own personal foes with vengeance in mind for your real or imagined transgressions...(see page 3, vol. 181, para. #1 under "...NOTES...")

Ifyou want to cut your losses call EGIS (" not an x-ray a portable explosives-detection system based on advanced vapor detection technology...used in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Israel, Germany and Spain...screen mail, vehicles, personnel, luggage and other at-risk items for the prevention of explosives...")

It doesn't say it but in the UK they watch for IRA bombs, in Israel the bombs could come from anywhere, and do; ditto Germany whose industrialists get snuffed with something like regularity; Spain's landed gentry and police have been bombed and shot by Basque separatists as long as I can remember. Why the Swiss use EGIS I don't know but it probably has something to do with them banking everybody else's stolen funds and accordingly they are high risk.

Directly beneath this ad for bomb insurance is another quarter-page ad from "...a world class address for world class business...enjoy spectacular vistas and an exceptional variety of services...the Asian International Banking Community counts on The World Trade Center...they'll also tell you that they appreciate the stability and continuity that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey bring to their tenancy as the sole owner and operator of the World Trade Center..."

So if you're in the market for a little bomb control at home you can do something about it by calling Jim Buckley at 508/251-2030; FAX 508/251-2024...I don't imagine he comes cheap, but if somebody's dropping bombs in your path you probably got money so you can afford it. Poor people don't get bombed at home as a rule except in war and then all hell breaks loose.

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