Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The MRAP gets a bum rap...

…an MRAP is another of a growing list of acronyms fresh out of HQ Baghdad; pronounced M-RAP the MRAP will soon be a familiar term and has already become a target, both militarily and politically. It’s a huge armored behemoth designed by Force Protection with the idea of deflecting IEDs so our brave young men and women cease to be slaughtered in George Bush’s incarnadine war.

The rub is it doesn’t really do the trick – we build a stronger, more powerful armored vehicle, they build a stronger, more powerful roadside bomb, the war goes endlessly on…these babies cost $22.4 billion, money which by dint of your hard work in this life should be in your pockets doing your bidding instead of thrown away in a senseless, shameful war which has disgraced our wonderful country & besmirched our reputation for generations to come.

Act up! Bring our Brothers & Sisters home!

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