Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The lawyer Albee's client was screwed...

...before court ever came to order... could feel it in the air and in a few minutes you would see it...

...a semi-simple B & E in the nightime - this lame second story man was not too bright (you don't has to be a rocket scientist versed in quantum theory to steal sleeping bags like my friend Ernie was doing, or so the state claimed).

& Ernie was so, so goofy (basically harmless too) that after he'd packed all the swag he'd just stolen from the sporting goods store he went back in for a second peek around, sat down, fell asleep, got caught on the premises by the heat was trundled off to the lockup arraigned etc and now several weeks later he was fixing to have his day in court to explain his side of things and with a little luck, hopefully, count on a little leniency from the judge but as luck would have it the judge sitting was decidedly not a friend of the lawyer Albee's nor was the DA - the DA!! He was SUCH! an asshole!

I I would love to put his real name right here ____________________ but the dirtbag would likely have me knee-capped...If it wasn't for the fact my friend Ernie was about to get sent away on a
habitual offender rap I would have laughed aloud at that asshole of a prosecutor. A true buffoon you are James...

Here is one way I could see Ernie was fucked: When the prosecuting attorney (James...) came into the courtroom he had one of his lackeys dust the chair he was going to sit on! Can you believe it? I mean this sycophant whipped out his linen and dusted the place this fat-ass was going to sit.

I wanted to hurl myself at him and fling him to the floor but I didn't and I was right about Ernie - they got him on habitual the poor bastard and lo these many years later Ernie is still locked up. His youth is gone, old age has set in and the prison lines in his sad, tired countenance might as well be etched in granite so permanent are they in his once beautiful face...a young man living in an old man's body.

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