Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'The end of your life is very close...'

…I intone solemnly to The Fool In The Mirror (‘LOOK at you you fucking stumblebum!’), but then it always has been close, the end of life has…hmm…never mind that, did I spell solemnly right? Ah, yes I did, wouldn’t you know it, right again, it’s a terrible burden to bear this of being continuously correct, and never mind politically correct – like Dude – anything with the word politics in it is bullshit, politically correct, in my unasked for opinion is another way of saying you’re afraid to speak your mind, which NFTD is anything but politically correct…and I’m usually not afraid to speak my mind but over the last 64 years I have often regretted that flawed little bit of my rent character to run my mouth when keep it shut would have been best…(wheeew, talk about verbose, how was that?)

…where was I anyway…hmmm…oyez, in the mirror again trying to make it go backwards, to watch my youth return, ah there it is, stop! Hold it right there Dude, this is a stickup, I want you back, I remember you quite well; when I once stood there with you I was in the glow of a young man full of promise, Golden Boy embarking on the road to his uncommon destiny, academia, wisdom, future bright…the approbation and adoration of the multitudes was within my grasp…this is as far as I got, so far. (More catastrophic thinking from NFTD).

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