Monday, January 7, 2008

Reminiscing fondly is not my thing...

...the good ole days weren't.

...fact is, as I reflect on my life and note the dates where events went to hell, it occurs to me that the major turmoils began in 1970 and didn't 'end' until 1998, so fully half my life was wasted, thrown away, drunk up in Carrie Nation's, The Green Door, Whittingtons and on and on ad nauseum; shot up in Albee's office, burned out in bars and ports o'call 'round the world, why, for nearly three decades I thought I was having some sort of off-the-wall fun. the wall it was, and I suppose it was fun too, if you discount the grief my selfish self brought down on others, oh well...but nothing came of it; there were no long-term rewards from the short-term free-for-all, although there are plenty of residual long-term effects from my errant life of dissolution.

It's true of many of us I would think. Didn't you do things then you cringe and flush with embarassment to think about now? And wouldn't you practically have to flee the 'hood if your kids found out? Or your Mother!

Ouch. I promise to be better from now on...well, so I tell myself this early ayem over coffee whilst burning evidence...and hmmm...what might a little dollop of Kahlua in this coffee do for it...mmmmmmm...nay nay little dollop, rather a lavish splash and it's ho ho ho-ing I go as the Demon Rum kicks in and life in the breakdown lane resumes apace...

Naw, I can't do it...instead I add a little Cremora to black instant coffee and the backsliding screeches to a halt, but it was close; hard to ignore the lure of the streets for all the danger; hard to say no to instant gratification, tough to NOT do things; doing them was a snap, it's not doing them which proves (my) your mettle.

So okay, gimme that boring cup of coffee, but give it to me in an NFTD Diner Mug - you can have one too - have as in buy - yes Folks for a mere $15.75 (plus $3 S & H) - an NFTD Commemorative Diner Mug is on its way to know what you have to do.

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