Saturday, January 5, 2008

I would like to thank Jim...

...editor/publisher of Pills-A-Go-Go, 1202 E. Pike St. #849, Seattle WA 98122-3934, for the kind and caring letter he recently sent concerning my whiteouts, is what I call them, but which I'm told have a technical name which is TIA or `transient ischemic attack' and which, Jim writes, " should know that these always precede a more serious `cardiovascular event', like a heart attack or a stroke. When the event comes is partly up to you and it's because part of me likes you that I'm writing this.

"Dying of a stroke could be a pretty nice way to go, a sudden massive stroke probably doesn't hurt and can kill you in less than a second, if you're lucky. If you're not lucky, then you'll get a stroke that's too mild and merely leaves you half-paralyzed, confused and drooling. You don't want that do you?

"Also, you may as well put off this event for a few years until you're nice and frail and can die more easily.

"So listen here: you need to be taking a few pills - namely an ACE inhibitor like Vasotec. This not only lowers your blood pressure but has a preservative effect on your kidneys and will spare your heart (esp. the left ventricle) a lot of work. You should also take vitamin C along with the bioflavonoid complex to help build up cardiovascular strength. Finally, a bit of aspirin is always good for almost anyone and for you especially. Just a half or a fourth of one a couple times a day should be sufficient. That'll thin your blood, among other things.

"Of course, they'll tell you to exercise but I'm talking pills here, not hard work. Please look into this...have a heart...Jim"

Right kind of you Jim I will look into it in earnest because I'm actually not too keen on dying right now and if what you say can help put off that eventuality, well I'm all for it.

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