Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Something about redheads...

...sets the endorphins rolling and I'm off in a swoon everytime I get near one, especially if they're female, but the one I'm presently smitten (from a great distance) by is several years my junior which EYE could live with but could she? Secondarily she's an activist and I don't mean the kind of activist parading through hostile streets with placards for one cause or another, no, as an activist I mean she likes to DO things, like ride horses, bar-hop, go DANCING for Cris'sakes and take hikes, o spare me!

I on the other hand don't like leaving the kitchen, and as for riding horses? Not this cowboy. An Iron Horse maybe but no Appaloosas. Anatomically speaking, men should ride side-saddle so they don't flatten their turgid member and squash their stones; women did not CHOOSE to ride side-saddle, Daddy (Boy Friend, Hubby) MADE them ride side-saddle because they knew riding with one leg thrown over one side of the horse and one over the other produced moans and groans of pleasure and fulfillment THEY couldn't...

Anyway I don't do horses nor hikes, two beers is more or less my limit so I'd be a cheap date for her in a bar but she'd have to do all her dancing with someone else which would be no problem for her because she's a beauty but then I'd get jealous and...ahhh...what's the sense of any of it? I'll stay right here by the wood stove, alone with the radiant heat, suffused with warmth, not lonely at all really.

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