Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For one reason or another...

…I have been in or around a number of insane asylums – Creedmoor, Willowbrook, Wrentham State School, Paul A. Dever, anyway, a number of them. They are terrible places make no mistake about it, more maddeningly noisy than prison with which I am also familiar but that’s another story, and they are dirtier than jails, and at least as dangerous, filled with monstrosities you wish you’d never seen, creatures armless and/or legless or both, yowling their brainless heads out – and who wouldn’t? – people with spatulated half-heads so flat you could iron on ‘em, deformities so horrible they defy telling, indeed my gorge was on the rise every time I crossed the threshold of Bedlam; I couldn’t get away quick enough and I was ashamed of myself because I was more sickened than stricken with compassion.

But as bad as they were, these sanitariums, it beat having those poor insensates running at large not knowing how to take care of themselves and, yes, frightening and threatening the public domain. Then along come some bright legislators screaming civil rights are being abused and shortly these inmates of the asylums ARE released and in about one weekend the streets of Hempstead went from fairly safe to very dangerous.

Another NFTD synopsis to be sure, but cut to the chase: the corners at 3 ayem where I lived – 28 Hoff Court & 97 Baldwin Rd. heretofore were quiet – now they’d become little street corner talkin’ cells of howling Creedmoor warlocks, zombies, banshees & viragos making house calls.

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