Saturday, October 20, 2007

Did you ever get hit in the mouth...

...there's nothing quite like it is there? I much prefer a kiss, but I have in fact been hit in the mouth in my life, not a lot, but enough to know I don't want to be a boxer - which is where I took one of those shots; I neither want to drink ouzo again because doing so wrought another punch, plus a baseball got me once and it was at least as bad as the branch which had also slapped me in the mouth as I raced through the forest, so I could see what was coming and I told Harry, "Look Harry, you don't want to do this, you don't wanna arm wrestle this guy (Roy White)...he's not a good loser if you should beat him...blow it off, let's go have another draught..."

"Get outta my way," he exclaimed with a grin and a push so I did and he and Roy squared off at the corner of the dim-red lit Carrie Nation's bar and started twisting wrists, Harry grinning and Roy looking determined and somber, indeed mean, and so when Harry pinned him once Roy shrugged it off and they went at it again and again Harry put him down only this time Roy didn't laugh. Like lightning he reached out and slapped Harry open-handed with a smack I heard above Warren Zevon and Harry turned to me and said, "Did you see what he did? Did you see that?!"

He spun around and hit Roy White with a punch he had to go back to the country for and then he grabbed Roy's lightweight jacket, jerked it up over his head so Roy couldn't see and was effectively blinded & strait-jacketed, and then went to work on his head, organized brain damage, bam, bam, slap, bam until Roy, gasping on the floor unable to see or defend himself, started screaming and Harry gave him another shot and humiliated him by making him cry uncle, and there he was: a beaten sobbing Roy White groaning and moaning and yelling "Uncle! UNCLE!"

He stood up and fled the bar, crimson with humiliation and boiling with rage, while Harry was chuckling and nursing his battered fists. "You better get outta here Harry," I said, " don't know that guy...he'll be back with a fuckin' pistol..." He laughs.

But I know Roy White, he WILL be back but I won't be there. You stay if you want, I think to myself and say to Harry, but I'm headed...

And I left. I didn't want to be in on the sequel, which came later and poor Harry...Whats' The Matter With Harry? What's the matter with Harry is Harry's dead because as I say Roy came back and blasted him while I was puttin' away a double baconcheeseburgersmotheredwithmayoandrelish, at The Green Door. Timing is everything. Roy gets out in 2017, Harry's in for keeps.

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