Thursday, October 11, 2007

The night passes...

...or like Ichabod Crane maybe I've been asleep for 20 years...

...whichever it is I open off the early morning with tea because I have no coffee. Now I like tea but it doesn't take the place of that cup of coffee does it? Especially the ones So and So used to make for me; they were the best ever, but tea will do today.
I was going to have tea and crumpets but I'm also out of crumpets. Truth be told I wouldn't know a crumpet if one stepped on me...hmmmm...let's see what Noah says a crumpet is: crumpet, krumpit, bent, crooked; an unsweetened batter cake baked on a griddle like a pancake...I guess I can live without a crumpet and I'm already bent and crooked.

So on to something else.

Too much time on my hands, or is it not enough? I can't decide if I've got too much in this life, or too little. It's hard to believe I'm already this age (I'm 64 if I live to November 30th) when it was only an hour ago, or so it seems, when Greg Hubbard and I were downing our first two quarts of beer in the cornfield across the street from the Hampton (NY) Hotel somewhere around August 1958, an endeavor I've pursued ever since but in no wise blame neither Greg nor Anheuser-Busch...they're just pieces in the puzzle of my life as you have the pieces in your's.

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