Monday, October 15, 2007

Excerpts from your ever-lovin' letters...

"What a high seeing you and Sam again. The (Boston) Globe profile (I'm passing it on) was a fitting tribute. That Lois Shea is a damn good writer...`It's hard not to feel as though Ward has just spent a few hours in your living room, tipping pints and shooting the breeze...' - Lois Shea, Boston Sunday Globe, May 8, 1994).
"How true.

"I notice you always acknowledge-affirm other people's gifts (e.g. Parkman, Taj Mahal, Joey - all the people in the Ben & Jerry's piece).That really is your special gift. You touch many lives Terry; I feel good when you touch my life. I'll surprise you one of these days and pop up in your shack..." - Sam Cucchiara, Fitchburg MA

"As you well know I'm about as conservative a libertarian as you will find. Often I disagree with your musings, but you do have a marvelous prose regards..." - Adrian Krieg, Acworth NH

"Here's the Esquire Seth Morgan interview. Nothing new to report from the Wolverine State. Liked the comment about Ben Hamper and `Rivethead.' It was a good read. I did 4 years one month at GM and the book don't lie. Enuff said..." - Cutt, Canton MI

"Great writing as usual! Yeah, I caught a strange volt when I heard Rabin quoting Lennon. Maybe a little like `prophet Lennon' wasn't accepted in his own country or time?" - Judy Miller, Sparks NV

"Some writer wrote recently, `I have never seen a wild animal sorry for itself.' Perhaps that is the human problem...that great brain has its ups and downs. Not so with animals. Perhaps even plants...I will not go that far do have quite a readership out there. Keep at it!"
- CJ Davis, Wirtz VA

"Thanx for the copy of NFTD you sent a few days ago. Dazzling - makes Ginsberg look like one of the New Kids On The Block. I keep it around as required reading for all houseguests...just got back from London a few hours ago and my body is still confused so I'm going to drink more coffee or take a nap...keep up the good work." - Kimberly Bright, Martinsville IN

"Thank you for your willingness to work with us to bring your account to a current status...we have suspended further collection based on the following payment arrangement...if payments are not made as agreed, and if the account remains in a delinquent status, your service may be subject to disconnection for nonpayment without further notice..." - Sue Smith, Credit Supervisor NH Elec. Co-Op

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