Saturday, October 6, 2007

Random "...NOTES..." From Wrinkled Scraps...

As co-founder of Buzzard Brothers Construction ("Don't Call Us - We'll Call You..."), it was my job to not return calls and I was very good at not doing it, story of my life. In later years, with the passing of Dudley and Dewey Buzzard, an odd couple of birds, I inherited the firm, changed the name, sold off all our inventory and semi-singlehandedly began MY firm.

I take great pleasure in introducing to you: Hermit Construction.

In the 15 years of its laissez-faire existence since then, I am proud and pleased to announce as President-For-Life and Founder Emeritus, that to this day, only twice, think of it only TWO times - has Hermit Construction taken on a job, any job! The remainder of the time I've assiduously ascribed to our carved-in-stone motto, which we proudly display on our company t-shirts:

Hermit Construction
"...Turning Down Work A Specialty..."

"Rest Assured...We'll Be NO Help"

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