Monday, October 8, 2007

More Random "...NOTES..."

…I’m making my mark as a writer, I have been one all of my life; it’s what I do, good bad or indifferent I always wanted to be a writer and a painter and I am both…for years I’ve blathered and driveled away with puling bombast and idle twaddle only to be eclipsed in the end by a stream of spontaneously combustible consciousness like no other; no one writes like me - in the future, writers will be compared to me but there will be no one attains this peak for quite awhile…now this is what you call confidence!

It does no one any long-term good to be falsely modest about one’s attributes, talents and abilities; I’m no wallflower nor a braggart but I am a smart guy and I know it…or maybe it’s arrogance; whichever, it is semi-based in fact mixed with maximum embellishment, as is the wont of this screed…in the world of art I’ve been fairly prolific, a 1000 paintings in a lifetime is not too shabby, all are good, some are really good and about two dozen or so were really great in every sense of the timeless word…here’s three good ones...I call them Early Primitives.

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