Friday, September 21, 2007

What some critics are saying about...


"He's hauled 'Notes From The Dump' to the top of the literary heap..."
- Will Sonszki, PEOPLE

"Hip and obscure...hilarious and poignant at the same time..."
- Rudy Cheeks, NEW PAPER, Providence RI

"Subscribers to 'Notes' are treated to its publisher's thoughts on love, literature and his '55 Lincoln."
- Kristi Turnquist, THE SUNDAY OREGONIAN, Portland OR

"He's the Duke of The Dump and he doesn't write trash..."
- Nancy West, UNION-LEADER, Manchester NH

"...a zine time-capsule candidate if ever there was one...the salt of the earth..." - WHOLE EARTH REVIEW

"Is this a page out of Mark Twain or what?"- Sally Anderson TOWN CRIER, Bellows Falls VT

"I recently came across mention of your publication and feel it represents the sort of fresh and original thinking HARPER'S is looking to highlight."
- Laurie Ouelette, HARPER'S Research, New York

(NFTD) " too sophisticated to sound homespun...too serious to be a be a parody..." - Linda Fullerton, KEENE (NH) SENTINEL

"...maybe we could write something about you...there is something there but I can't quite put my finger on it..." - (The Late)Rip (Rip's Run)
EASYRIDERS, Bakersfield CA

"(NFTD) "...might be a subject YANKEE would write about sometime..."
- Mel Allen Sr., Editor, YANKEE Magazine, Dublin NH



Wowza, who would have thunk it! Congratulations on your elegant exploitation of garbage! Only in America!

Matthew Rose
Author/PLAN B
Paris, France

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