Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What on earth is he thinking?

...our Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who is about to ask of our gutless wonders in the sullied halls of Congress, the world's most chickenshit debating society, to approve $190 billion with which to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which can be won if the dirtbag trebled his request and got it; it's an unwinnable war...he and his Boss, the Commander-in-Grief are so astonishingly out of touch with the world and The People, Yes - not to mention reality, they make my head spin...George Bush, Dick Cheney and Robert Gates et al are the biggest threat to the safety of our earth, way more than the so-called Axis of Evil, these three clueless malcontents have brought down on America The Beautiful the opprobrium of most of the world.
$190 billion dollars for a war that can't be won while I'm trying to stretch a $790 per month disability and Social Security pension to pay the bills while this Neanderthal throwback and the monkey he represents have the audacity to plumb the taxpayer for more - the United States is building an embassy in Baghdad which we will never occupy, in my opinion, never...592 million of your/our tax dollars up in smoke...
George Bush is the worst president the United States has ever had and Dick Cheney - the penultimate in dirtbags, usurped for the honor of ultimate only by his boss, is the worst Vice President; they should be impeached, tried for war crimes, drummed out of office and thrown in a dungeon.
As of 10 a.m. this morning they have been responsible for the deaths of 3,797 of our loving Brothers & Sisters, Sons & Daughters, Mothers and Fathers.

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