Monday, September 10, 2007

What the critics say about "...NOTES..."

“He’s the Duke of The Dump and he doesn’t write trash…”
– Nancy West, Manchester (NH)Union-Leader

“Hip and obscure…often hilarious and poignant at the same time…”
- Rudy Cheeks, The Phoenix, Providence RI

“…NFTD is too sophisticated to sound homespun, too serious to be a parody…”
- Linda Fullerton, Keene (NH) Sentinel
“…Notes From The Dump ranges from terrible to brilliant…” – John Tuthill

“Probably unlike any other newsletter in America, NFTD is a freewheeling, six page potpourri of philosophical observations…remembrances…and classifieds on the order of: Wanted, personal worth in a purposeless universe; a marvel of creative recycling…” – Will Sonszki, PEOPLE Weekly Magazine

“…not for the faint of heart…” – Lois Shea, Boston Globe

Ah shucks Folks, it was nothing, heck anybody can do this…a modicum of talent and an eye for humor with ever so slight an ability to write and you too can get where I am…

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