Thursday, September 27, 2007

Space travel notwithstanding, my dream is to return to Nea Makri...

...although I've never really left there in my heart of hearts - 19 months of my young life was spent there; two lifetimes there would not be enough to satisfy me. In that same vehicle, my heart - eemay Hellenas - I am a Greek, yes in my heart a special place for this little village by the sea, the Aegean Sea that is if you don't know - Nea Makri, an ancient horyatiki - village, stretched out alongside a robin's egg blue expanse of this historic body of water and behind me in rugged splendor, brilliant hillsides dotted with olive trees and long-haired goats, plenty of rocks for everybody, and, ah yes, The Blue Lights, a dreamy little waterside watering hole with dusky Mediterranean beauties dancing with other dusky Mediterranean beauties...

...and there was me, a dweeb-like presence in this fairyland, getting cuckoo as only ouzo can make you cuckoo. Regular readers will note that NFTD makes frequent use of drinking stories and rarely calls for abstinence but in the case of ouzo I urge you, skip it, better you should drink boiling oil.

I'll have to admit I was a quick-study and only once in my life did I ever drink too much ouzo (any is too much) but it lasted me all my life.

If Vassili was still alive (he'd only be about 98 or so) I'd slip him the 100 drachma I've owed him since August of 1964; I've been thoroughly entrenched in indebtedness since long before that even, since I stole the paper money from my paper route and plowed it into doughnuts hoping to make it back in tips but always came up short and it's just a lifelong habit of mine to never have any money except what YOU might have.

Hmmm...maybe also I'll look up Gina even though she's probably no longer 18 years old...Christ she's 65 if she's even alive! OK, I'll look up her daughter. "Ella tho Koritzee moo, sa ga po polee nomeezo, nay nay, vevayos."
(Come here Sweetheart, I think I love you, yes, yes, I'm sure of it...)

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