Friday, December 21, 2007

Part of my jactitatious braying...

...over the years has been to portray myself as prodigious in literary output but in fact if you subtract all the stories which I've told in a dozen different ways many times over there'd be but about three stories in my life and they in turn would boil down to just the one you'll never know about, nor much care about I suspect; and therefore you are privy only to fancy here in NFTD, this thing of ours, not fact, or very little of it anyway. How could I tell the truth when it is so awful?


Or is that just more shuckin' & jivin' from a jiveass liar? In fact I just needed a place to use my new word. No, not jiveass, nope a new one for me - jactitatious, means bragging, which I do a lot of on paper, but little in real life is there about which to jactitate.

If you use a new word three times in writing or in conversation, I've been told and found to be true, you can say without jactitating that it is then yours forever...or at least as long as you may live, and may you live longer than me for I don't do sadness well and your leaving surely would sadden me.

Stick around - we can jawbone and jactitate together deep into the new century...but if my no-news blackout holds I will only be able to discuss history, for of the day's current events I remain ignorant.

I am not unhappy with this form of ignorance.

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