Sunday, December 23, 2007


" a ship out on the sea..."

Ruddlerless I might add on the ocean of life, no direction known, no purpose easily seen o'er the vast horizon...

What it's all about I haven't the foggiest notion - if indeed it's even about anything at all which I sometimes doubt. What is this so-called purpose in life, if any - and who says so?

I'll be damned if I can tell; fact is I'll probably be damned regardless - faithless, irreverent, kind of a social pariah (as opposed to a Murray Pariah), funny and witty sometimes as you know but it doesn't appear to carry a lot of weight - humor - in the next life.
Nowhere - other than in Mark Twain's equally irreverent writings - have I ever seen humor and The Hereafter hand in hand, almost as though God was something of a humorless curmudgeon wielding a discriminating cudgel with which to whack your silly, evilly-inclined head back and forth and never cracking a Supreme Being smile...

Who knows?

Which essentially is my point: who does know?

Virtually no one I know.

And no one you know either is my guess.

Wheeling and dealing just to get by on earth regardless of the eventual Eternal

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PRU said...

NFW. God has a terrific sense of humor. He probably gets His biggest laughs from the fearfully faithful. That is, if he doesn't cry at those who are so afraid of hell they forget to live the gift of life they've received. They never take a risk. They never fail. They never sin. But of course they do, as do all. Even God would seem to prefer the company of sinners than the solitude of perfection, or He would't have promised absolution to those who regret their sins.

/armchair philosophizing. ;-)

Love the Escheresque Header.