Friday, December 21, 2007

Notes From The Dump


...Congressmen and Senators are not the only marauding culprits of Washington who roam the sullied halls of the world's largest debating society, the US Congress - they are hammer and tong in league with another bunch of thugs, villains, rapscallions & rogues - the Big Business CEOs who rule the roost; the captains of any number of useless industries and/or their henchmen not-so-cleverly-disguised as the grinning, glad-handing, backslapping lobbyists, who have come armed to the pearly-white capped teeth with blank checks and fat-cat suitcases and wallets stuffed with cash in order that the esteemed Rep.________ and Sen._________ will see fit to vote in their favor.

I would imagine an inch thick stack of century notes is pretty irresistible although so far I've resisted; also it's never been offered...for what would anyone offer me such a bribe?

Anyway, it is my contention that this give-and-take is the sum and substance of a capitalist democracy, thus: anything goes. All's well if you can buy a Senator's vote, and you can if you've got enough money; but what if you don't have enough money? Sorry pal, you're shit outta luck. Constitution?

The Phil Armour/George Pullman/John D.Rockefeller 'era of avarice' has returned with a vengeance, in full flower - did it ever even go away? As a lone vote or lone voice in the wilderness, forget it if you're penniless no matter how just your cause. Next thing you know the Pinkertons will be back caving in your front door and bashing you in the head for your free-thinking, don't doubt it...

While the landed gentry and the blue bloods continue to prowl the nation's corridors of power in a maniacal rush to sack the Capitol/capital and add to their pile of riches heaped upon riches - isn't anyone ever satisfied - does anyone have enough? - not much changes in the netherworld where all is chaos, turmoil, poverty, loss and despair; there are no country clubs, no marinas to leave the sailboat in, no safe havens; safe havens cost money.

Through no choice of my own (debatable) I've been living in poverty with other impoverished people most of my life and whereas I don't like poverty I do like poor people.

Long live Albert Parsons!

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