Friday, November 23, 2007

Like Rome, we too are crumbling...

…western civilization is grinding to a halt, the decline and fall of modern civilization is as sure as the collapse of Rome…much of the rest of the world is aligned against us, if not in actuality, in theory, and behind our backs when we’re not looking – America, once the ideal, is now the reviled.

…there’s plenty of blame to go around and really no one to hold responsible; over the age of, say 12, we’ve all had a hand in it…along with civilization declining, so too has civility and respect.

…America is being knocked off its perch not so much by an unpopular war – although it is at the core of all that is wrong here – and even though Iraq plays a role in it what is undermining our pins in my unasked for opinion is the economy, my Keynesian theory is not that sharp but the dollar is in a slide and we are in a rout, that much I can see without being John Maynard Keynes or John Kenneth Galbraith…the money markets are shaky, we’re no longer the beacon of light guiding the expenditures of the world, we’re about to become a second-tier player, laid waste by economics, the dollar is losing ground, the ground is slipping away under it and the landslide will bury us. Nikita Khrushchev was right.

On the other hand I could be wrong...NFTD: equivocation a specialty...

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