Sunday, March 25, 2012

Like a blow on the head from a hammer...

…the news Whitney Houston is dead leaves me dizzy, she was so the star! Everything about her was good; even her bad was good. Another world-class performer bites the dust. Whitney knew what she was doing but she miscalculated the amount she took thus ending her dazzling career.

…it’s like losing someone you actually know. Most everyone over the age of, say, 13 knows drugs and alcohol don’t mix but we do it anyway. From a very early age self-destruction begins. It’s what we do. What’s up with that? I don’t think a dozen Sigmund Freuds could figure it out.

…and if you don’t get you before someone else does you have to dig your bunker deeper and keep your head down so you don’t get caught in the crossfire; please don’t think I’m a mindless twit prattling on after a bottle of wine and a bone, which I am, but rather as a prescient voice from subterranea…which I also am. Whitney, I will always love you…I can’t believe you’re gone!


‘Ahhh, for Christ's sake...get the f**k over it. Your boredom is becoming your readers' boredom. You've been places, you've met people…how about writing 'bout them/there? No one cares about how many sheets of toilet paper you might use daily...nor how much you might drink or smoke each day. Get BACK to being 'interesting' & f**k a bunch of BIG words…just write shit that matters.’

(Well, I can’t please everybody but I will try to do as bade…thanks for taking the time to write me in the vernacular…)

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