Monday, December 8, 2008

…later, I leave home at 9:22 and @ 2:30 I am back here after a very nice dinner and visit with my/our Dear Old Mom - in a dining room with at least 25 people, maybe more...there was an undercurrent of cluttering plastic teeth, ancient people murmuring nonagenarian doggerel and the clanging of dishware and waitresses and families darting in and out but it was fine...I get here and see that they are having a celebration in the lobby, I figured it wouldn't be over for awhile so for an hour and a half went and sat watching the river flow...but I wanted to get home so I came back and came up here going by - all mashed in together in this diminutive lobby, 15 or so people chowing down and Happy Thanksgiving-ing me and me them and I strode on thru to the elevator and made it back; this may not be home in the sense of home is where the heart is but it is where I live and I was plumb happy to be back amongst my Friends & Neighbors...

…still later…I was just looking over the seven deadly sins and I think I got ‘em pretty well covered, here they are in case you want to research yourself: 1. Lust, check; 2. Gluttony, check; 3. Greed, o yeah; Sloth, been there, am there; Wrath, o please don’t go there; Envy, one of my lesser sins and Pride too, I am not prideful, at least I don’t think I am…but I am guilty in varying degrees of all.

…so then we turn to the seven virtues…hmmm, 1) Chastity…did not remain chaste very long and really haven’t been since until illness struck me down and I now flaunt my new-found medically-necessary chastity as a good thing; don’t believe it…then there’s, 2) Temperance of which I’ve never been accused, and 3) Charity which I will say I am that, charitable, so there’s one in my column, quickly superceded by, 4) Patience of which I have little, 5) Kindness which I have in abundance if I do say so myself, 6) Humility which I am anything but humble - I am always – including here – looking for praise or remuneration or something for my efforts…which may be just being a little hard on myself. And lastly, 7) diligent, it depends, I can be.

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