Tuesday, April 29, 2008



(From Mike Gunderloy’s ‘Whole Earth Review’ review)

Acworth is a little town in southern New Hampshire, about fifteen miles due north of Keene. As far as I know, it had no claim to fame until around 1986, when Terry Ward began publishing Notes From The Dump. Terry's approach epitomizes the no-frills end of the publishing spectrum. Every couple of weeks he puts together six pages of memories, ruminations on world affairs, notes on his love life, firewood ads and other drifting thoughts. Then he runs copies off on his computer printer, folds and stamps them, and tosses them in the mailbox -- whence they spread across the world, bringing little bits of New Hampshire to the rest of us…a sample below:

Roseanne was on her way to cop some crank when she flipped her little Sportster on the Cross Island Expressway, tumbled headlong into a concrete road divider and died on the spot probably so high on methedrine she's still high and never knew what hit her. Roseanne was absolutely the ultimate example of life in the breakdown lane.
Like a lap dog I followed her around. We drove taxi together in New York for three years and I would schedule my work day around hers in order to just be able to see her and talk to her -- o that dear sweet voice and that wonderful smile which would light up a room -- and she was gifted, endowed with this uncanny ability to play the piano from the blues of Elmore James to the lilting melodies of Brahms, o I tell you piano was her forte.

(Hey there Terry, - I'm glad I've made it onto your list of newsletter recipients, always great hearing your take on things - keep it coming. If you didn't recognize the name, Dylan here (Lauri's son).I live in Greenfield most of the time these days, but I was wondering if you might be up for another visit, and maybe make a portrait of you in your place. If this is something you'd be interested in let me know, if not I'd still enjoy stopping by again at some point. Hope alls well, take care, Dylan Richardson)

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