Sunday, September 11, 2011

LET’S GET SERIOUS… …what are we doing in Afghanistan? What do they have we want that as of June this year is worth the lives of thousands of our favorite Sons and Daughters? And millions of dollars every day…Tom said, “Lithium, what they have is lithium…” So ok, what’s the big big deal? Buy it from the poor bastards; Afghani dope is another thing, multi-billion dollar business right here in the good ole US of A, millions of dollars daily, I mean come on get over it. It’s here to stay and has been a political football too long. You want to smoke dope, fine, certain restrictions apply like drinking, okay that works. The only reason herb got illegal was because at the end of Prohibition all those unemployed cops working for Harry Anslinger and with too much time on their hands needed a new bogey man…but I digress…what’s up with Afghanistan? The only two things I ever wanted from there was an Afghan and some ‘ghani, both of which I got and both of which are now gone. Bring our soldiers home. LIKE A MONUMENT TO RESTRAINT… …I put off opening a bottle of Yellow Tail until 2 in the afternoon? Now I ask you to consider, is that not in and of itself reason to celebrate? I say it is and blast the cork from a bottle of Cook’s champagne bouncing it off the ceiling and ending up in the cat’s water dish…it’s her new toy but every now and then I have to pick them up (ok ok my friend picks them up) because it is also a testimony to my out of control drinking problem…something like that…. DEAR SARAH PALIN…I would write… “What is it we’re not supposed to like about you? You’re alright at least as much as any other person seeking public office and we’ve all got our idiosyncrasies…your speeches are good to listen to and I don’t see you as a wild-eyed maniacally-inclined woman, ergo I wish you the best unless anyone can point out to me a real reason for opposing you…did I miss something? I kinda like you but part of that is mcp – you’re pretty, which is not a good reason. But I also like your style plus I’ve always been a little crazy too, keeps me from going insane.

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